'Rapid growth' for meals on wheels despite cost of living pressures

‘Rapid growth’ for meals on wheels despite cost of living pressures

Time-strapped parents continue to choose convenience over cost, despite rising interest rates and inflation, giving the Go! The Kidz expansion plans a big thumbs up.

The Sydney-based company announced its partnership with one of Australia’s largest food manufacturers, Kitchen Food Company, early last month, as the ready meals sector continues to boom post-lockdown. Ibisworld data shows that the sector has grown at an average of 3.3% per year over the last decade.

Let’s go! Kidz founder Jeremy Crooks said “there was nothing available” when it came to healthy meal options for kids. Credit:Flavio Bracalone

Let’s go! Kidz founder Jeremy Crooks said it was his experience as a parent trying to get his kids to eat more vegetables that prompted the former Google chief of commerce to start exploring healthy options for kids in the industry.

“I really thought it was the responsibility of food producers to make sure that the food they make has at least some degree of nutrition for customers.”

Since its launch in April 2020, the company currently delivers to more than 3,000 customers and has stock in 80 independent supermarkets. Crooks says that, on average, customers order 15 to 20 dishes at a time, which can take anywhere from one to three weeks.

“We are still a relatively small company… [the partnership] allows us to take advantage [Kitchen Food’s supply chain and cost structure] so we can try to keep our end point for the customer as low as possible,” Crooks said of the recent partnership.

Kitchen Food has factories in NSW, Victoria and Queensland and claims to produce in excess of 300,000 units of fresh food per week.

“Naturally, we believe in the convenience space in general, and we believe that Go! The Kidz business has something to offer that is relatively unique in the marketplace,” said Daniel Borenstein, co-CEO of Kitchen Foods Group.

“There aren’t too many family-focused prepared meal offerings right now. That’s what we liked about the brand,” she added. “What do we contribute to the association? It is the ability to scale significantly and safely, so the [Go! Kidz] the brand can continue to develop.”

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