Rare Live Fugazi Footage Made Into New Movie – Rolling Stone

Rare Live Fugazi Footage Made Into New Movie – Rolling Stone

We are Fugazi from Washington, DC features collaborative clips from the hardcore group, including some from filmmaker Lance Bangs

A 90 minute movie comprising rare and publicly sourced live footage of Fugazi that will be screened in Washington DC next month to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s last show.

We are Fugazi from Washington, DC will play for one night only on February 11 at the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center in DC As part of the tribute to the legends of post-hardcore, tickets will only be $5, the same amount that Fugazi always tried to charge for his shows.

According to a description of the film on the AFI website, we are fugazi will feature “fan-recorded live shows and rare archival footage to pay tribute to Fugazi’s prowess as a live act.” The film, which was curated by Joe Gross, Joseph Pattisall, and Jeff Krulik, is billed not as a documentary, but as a celebration of “the fans and their cameras, as well as the band itself: a collision/collusion of fleeting moments.” on stage, and the moments captured on camera.”


As it stands, it’s unclear how many fans shared footage for the project, though one notable contributor appears to be filmmaker and music video director Lance Bangs. Bangs has promoted the project on social media in recent days and shared some clips he took of Fugazi, including a performance in Athens, Georgia, from 1993 and another in Olympia, Washington, from 1995.

Fugazi have been on an indefinite hiatus since completing a final UK tour in late 2002. In the intervening decades, the four band members have played together privately and even released a few side projects, although a reunion never occurred. complete. .

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