Rolling Loud Drill Rapper Ron Suno Speaks After Festival Leaves Him - Billboard

Rolling Loud Drill Rapper Ron Suno Speaks After Festival Leaves Him – Billboard

Rappers 22Gz, Sha Ek and Ron Suno have been eliminated from Live Nation’s Rolling Loud NYC, which takes place this weekend (September 23-25) at Citi Field in Queens. The three rappers, all from the city, were removed at the request of the New York police. The NYPD has yet to provide a statement explaining why.


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The abrupt removal, first reported by The New York Times – marks the second instance of Rolling Loud pulling New York-based drilling acts from its lineup. In their 2019 debut, five rappers, including Pop Smoke, 22Gz and Sheff G, were dropped from the lineup midway through the festival due to allegations that they were “affiliated with recent acts of violence across the city,” as stated by the police department in a letter. to the festival organizers at the time. The letter continued: “The New York City Police Department believes that if these individuals are allowed to act, there will be an increased risk of violence.”

“I don’t understand,” says Suno, who is from the Bronx and was supposed to perform on Sunday, claiming he has no criminal record and “no problems with anyone in New York City.”

“At the end of the day, I have a family, I have responsibilities,” he said during a phone call on Friday afternoon (Sep 23). “I am independent, I am not signed with any major label. I’m doing all this just me and my team. So when you get opportunities like this, it’s like damn. It’s annoying.

While the rapper was involved in a fight at Rolling Loud NYC last year, Suno said that he and his manager Diamond “Bo” Brown no explanation was given for their removal this year and they only found out a day or two ago. “I lost a lot of money. I paid for people’s flights. I paid for important TikTokers. I paid for a lot of things to be able to have an important set.”

Ek, a 19-year-old who is also from the Bronx, is in a similar boat. A representative for the rapper said that he “has not been charged with anything that justifies” his removal and that “the police try to associate what he is doing with violence and negativity.”

A source with knowledge of the situation says that NYPD officials have been keeping an eye on the three rappers for some time. Brooklyn rapper 22Gz, whose rep declined to comment for this story, was arrested twice for attempted murder, once in 2017 in a case that was later dismissed and again in June for allegedly shooting a group of people in March. . The rapper currently has bail set at $500,000, and according to the source, the NYPD was concerned that his involvement could lead to potential violence.

Representatives for Rolling Loud NYC and Live Nation also declined to comment for this story.

Since the rise of drill music in New York in recent years, police and local politicians have targeted the rap subgenre for allegedly contributing to gun violence and crime throughout the city. In February, Mayor Eric Adams suggested that social media platforms should ban the use of the musical genre altogether, telling reporters, “Violent people who use rap to post who they killed and then make enemies with people who they’re going to kill is what the problem is.” He then held a meeting with Maino, Fivio Foreign and other prominent New York City artists with plans to quell the violence in the city. Foreign is scheduled to perform at the festival on Friday.

When the rappers were dropped from the Rolling Loud lineup in 2019, founder Tariq Cherif He suggested that the festival would not be allowed to return to New York unless it complied with the NYPD’s requests. So far, no other city that hosts Rolling Loud has removed artists due to requests from local police.

This year’s Rolling Loud NYC headliners include Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Future and Playboi Carti.

TO UPDATE: This article was updated on September 23 at 6:35 pm EST to include additional information from a source familiar with the situation.

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