Second SS payment for September: Who gets a check for up to $1,682 today?

Second SS payment for September: Who gets a check for up to $1,682 today?

meAt that time of the month again, one more Wednesday goes by and that means another payment goes out for some Social Security beneficiaries.

Later this year, Social Security beneficiaries will see a letter arrive, notifying them how their benefits will increase for 2023, detailing what their benefit rate will be next year, where the cost of living adjustment or COLA It will make you see the biggest jump in the last 40 years.

Who will receive an SS check for up to $1,682 today?

the SSA has sent three payments in September, the first for those who receive Supplemental Security Income or SSIwhile the second and third were for Social Security beneficiaries.

This Wednesday, those Social Security recipients who were born between the 11th and 20th of their birth month will see their payment arrive, as this is the third Wednesday of the month.

those who have been receiving Social Security benefits since before May 1997 and those receiving Social Security and SSI benefits have a different payment schedule, receiving their SS funds on the third date of the month, while the SSI payment arrives on the first day of the month, except when it lands on a weekend, in that case it is paid on the previous Friday.

This is what you have to do if you do not receive your payment

If you did not receive your Social Security payment on the due date, the Social Security Administration recommends waiting three shipping days after the original date and then contacting them by phone.

You can call them at 800-772-1213 and be able to speak with one of the SSA representatives.

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