Starlink speeds drop as Elon Musk's satellite internet customer base grows

Starlink speeds drop as Elon Musk’s satellite internet customer base grows

Elon Musk’s satellite internet service has hit a bump in the road after building momentum during the first half of the year.

Starlink, the ISP arm of SpaceX, saw its speeds around the world slow as the service gained popularity, according to the internet speed measurement company. Ookla latest quarterly report. (Note: Ookla and Mashable are owned by the same parent company, Ziff Davis.) In every country that Ookla tracks (including Canada, the UK, the US and New Zealand), Starlink’s average download speeds have declined, year over year, from Q2 2021 to now.

You don’t want to see the lines drop like that.
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The falls ranged from 9 to 54 percent, depending on the country, but the news is not entirely bad for Musk and his satellite internet project. For example, the average download speed for Starlink users in the US at its lowest point in the last year was around 60 Mbps, which is more than enough for the average person’s daily internet diet. . That said, it’s still much lower than the 90Mbps figure which was registered in June. The US speed was the lowest in these latest measurements, as other countries like New Zealand and France saw average speeds of around 100 Mbps, which is excellent by satellite internet standards.


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The simplest explanation is that the service is likely to buckle a bit under pressure from a user base that grows over time, as noted in the Ookla report. star link exceeded 400,000 global users in May and recently began rolling out the service in royal caribbean cruise ships. Lots of users reported surprise price drops also in August, which could explain a bit of the increase in subscribers. The system will come under even more pressure in late 2023 when some T-Mobile customers have the ability to connect to Starlink satellites through their mobile devices.

If Starlink can maintain decent speeds under such mounting pressure, it will be one of Musk’s most successful ventures in years.

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