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Strabo launches the world’s first personal finance platform

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London-based fintech Strabo will launch the world’s first global personal finance dashboard this month. Inspired by companies like the Mint, Personal Capital and Yodlee, but eager to expand coverage to more countries and asset classes, the founders are also more investing-focused.

Describing the platform as “Notion meets Google Analytics” for personal finance, they intend to provide a deeper level of investment and asset analytics, both in regards to past spending, forecasting custom goals and even The retirement.

They have found a particular affinity with the expat community in London, as well as the burgeoning FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, which has seen a huge surge in popularity over the course of the pandemic on Reddit.

The travel-loving startup works by linking multiple accounts from multiple countries in one place, using open banking APIs. They are moving a waiting list of several thousand users to the full version of the platform, which is already available.

The name of the firm is a reference to the Greek geographer and historian Strabo, who traveled and wrote extensively 2,000 years ago, and is one of the creators of the modern map.

“Strabo started when Mike, an American professional living in London, couldn’t find the answer to a simple question: ‘how much money do I have, everywhere?’ The job had taken Mike to many places, from the US to Brazil and from the Netherlands to the UK.”

He adds: “Working out of a cafe in Shoreditch, Mike did some deep research to find out! He started opening all his accounts one by one and tracking them in Excel. 2 hours later he was only 80% done with the answer! ‘There must be a better way!’ he he exclaimed he.”

That’s where Strabo comes in. The company uses open banking APIs to connect a user’s accounts on a dashboard. The idea is to “track all the money you own and owe” and “get a holistic view of your net worth instantly.”

Their website mentions live banking sources, credit cards, mortgages, and loans. It also offers a way to track and forecast investments, pensions, debts, and taxes, keeping the expat market in mind. These are incorporated into custom tagging for accounts, editable goals, and forecasts for retirement and beyond. They are accepting subscriptions for the first release of the platform for a limited time at now!

ben waterman
Strabo Financial Ltd.
Techspace Aldgate
Calle Leman 32-38
London E1 8EW

Strabo was founded by Michael Magdongon, Ben Waterman and James Hunter in 2021. It is based in London and has raised a round of funding from angel investors, a UK venture capital fund and a crowdfund with Seedrs.

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