Telegram update brings even more changes to emoji, an Android 13 exclusive feature

Telegram update brings even more changes to emoji, an Android 13 exclusive feature

The previous Telegram update brought Massive changes to emoji, including the ability to create your own animated emoji and the ability to gift a premium tier to your friends or family. Today’s update doubles those emoji improvements by adding endless reactions and emoji statuses for Telegram users on Android and iOS. So what exactly are “infinite reactions” added today? Essentially, all Telegram users can now choose reactions from an “infinite selection” of custom emojis. The selection includes reactions that were previously available only in Telegram Premium.

To make it easier to choose from such a huge number of emojis, Telegram has redesigned the reaction panel, making it expandable. What’s more, the most frequent emoji you’ll use will always appear on top. Keep in mind, however, that you can only attach a maximum of 3 reactions to a post.

Another important change in Telegram has to do with emoji statuses. Starting today Premium users can add an animated status emoji to be displayed next to their name. However, the animated status emoji will replace the premium badge in your chat list, on your profile, and in groups.

The new feature allows Premium users to set one of 7 default statuses that change their color to match different Telegram themes. In addition, they can choose from an “infinite” number of custom emojis.

Apart from these two important new features, Telegram’s latest update brings some changes to the more technical aspects of the app. For example, users who log out and back in frequently will be sent login codes via their email address or using the Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google feature, but only if they choose to.

Finally, a new improvement, available exclusively for Android, will allow users to prioritize downloads from the Downloads tab in search. Tapping and holding items in the load list will allow you to reorder them and change their priority. A new Telegram themed icon is also available for those who are on Android 13 or later, which will automatically match the phone’s dark mode and accent color.

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