Screengrab of Netflix's 'That '90s Show'

‘That ’90s Show’ Offers What Might Be the Most Apt Description of the Internet

Photo via Netflix

Right now, you can see the fine that 90s show on Netflix, with a reboot of sorts serving as a sequel to the initial show. It touches on various parts of the time period, and one in particular really highlights the accuracy of how things are in the modern age.

The above tweet has a lot of people agreeing with the sentiment. Several say it was one of the funniest jokes on the show and, to one user, it represents Twitter every single day that it’s been around in recent years.

Because it’s all about social media, others in replies and retweets remind Netflix of the campaign to save. warrior nunwho has put up a billboard to display the show outside his window, and for those focused on that 90s showthe longing for so much more is intense.

Plus, another adds that Debra Jo Rupp’s Kitty Forman has such a good response, it wins the internet.

It remains to be seen if the show will have more episodes. For now, you have 10 that are available to view. We gave it three out of five stars in our review, director Kevin Smith was pleased to be mentioned in one episode, and while the show has featured several returning characters, Danny Masterson’s Hyde won’t be one of them for obvious reasons.

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