Startups 100 2023 TOP 5 featured image

The 2023 Startups 100 Index in its entirety has launched its fifteenth Startups 100 Index, the UK’s oldest directory of the 100 most disruptive startups, and not too soon.

As the country grapples with high inflation and supply chain disruption, the 2023 Startups 100 showcases a wide range of innovative business ideas that will solve these challenges and achieve massive success this year and beyond.

Our main startup for 2023 is the car management app, Caura. With commuters facing public transport chaos due to strikes in January, the revolutionary app enables the UK’s 30 million drivers to save time and money by managing all their car administration in one place, including paying for charges for ultra-low emission zones.

Record temperatures in 2022 mean that the climate crisis will remain a major issue for the next 12 months. Runners-up Sensat, Modern Milkman and Wild have a sustainable approach to help customers make greener choices this year.

Richard Parris, Managing Editor of, says: “This year’s index has identified an incredible range of game-changing business ideas and exceptional founders. The economic outlook for the UK may seem bleak, but these companies have a great opportunity to grow and inspire others to do the same.”

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