The Internet Is Manifesting Keke Palmer As The X-Men's Rogue In The MCU

The Internet Is Manifesting Keke Palmer As The X-Men’s Rogue In The MCU

we all know that Keke Palmer she’s the queen of keeping a job, a bag, and most of all, shooting your shot. Now that the internet is actively trying to get the 29-year-old to take on the role of X Men‘s Rogue and it might be time for her to manifest another role.

If you’re a Marvel geek like me, then you’re a fan of fancasting for upcoming MCU movies. One of those MCU properties that is on the horizon is the X Men project currently titled the mutants. The X-Men are mutants, individuals born with an X gene that gives them superhuman abilities. The stories of these characters, how they have to hide their powers, and the movement to fight for mutant rights have long been seen as a metaphor for the struggle of the LGBTQ community.

Recently, many on social media have featured Palmer as the charismatic mutant Rogue, also known as Ann Marie. A fan favorite, Southern Belle is known for her signature shock of white hair amidst a head of brown curls, her “Southern charm,” and her ability to absorb the life force, energy, and powers of those who touch her skin. her. Unfortunately, this leaves her with the inability to have regular skin-to-skin contact.

This same ability eventually gave him super strength, durability, and flight when he went into Contact with Captain Marvel in the comics. This version of Rogue is also the one many millennials saw on X-Men: The Animated Series – the version that many hope will appear in the MCU with Palmer attached to the role.

I mean, with Palmer’s charisma and proven athletic ability in dance and action roles, it’s hard not to imagine her saying Rogue’s trademark.”sugar”.

And apparently, Ms. Palmer knows that the world wants her in this role.

The world has spoken, Keke Palmer is fully aware of his words, and now the ball is in your Marvel court. Let’s make it happen.

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