The internet realizes that Mass Effect's introduction is Top Gun 16 years later

The internet realizes that Mass Effect’s introduction is Top Gun 16 years later

Mass effect and Top Gun they had the same input all the time.
Image: BioWare / Paramount / Kotaku

original Mass effect is approaching its 16th anniversary this year, but even now, new secrets are being revealed about BioWare’s sci-fi RPG. That’s because series director Casey Hudson has confirmed that the first game’s iconic text introduction is actually an homage to the 1986 film. Top Gun.

Hudson revealed this on his personal Twitter after a fan pointed out the connection. Both Top Gun and Mass effect they have an introductory text that sets the stage for what follows. In the BioWare game, opening explains the discovery of extraterrestrial technology that allowed mankind to travel in space. Into the Top Gun, the text describes the founding of the air combat school where the film is primarily set. Both texts end with a similar line leading to the title book:

“The civilizations of the galaxy call it… Mass effect” and “Today, the Navy calls it the Combat Weapons School. Flyers call it: Top Gun

Yesterday, a Twitter user with the username @MissSnizabelle posted about the clear parallels between the two entries, but Hudson responded this morning with a quoted tweet confirming that this was an intended reference to Top Gun all the while saying “Finally someone noticed this! I’ve waited so long…”

Hudson is no longer at BioWare, having left the studio for a second time after a stint as the studio’s general manager in 2020. He then founded Humanoid Studios, which is working on a new sci-fi IP.

The Mass effect The series has entered something of a renaissance of late with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters that bring the original trilogy to modern hardware and a fifth entry in the works at BioWare. The studio hasn’t said anything substantial about the game yet, but it has offered short teases every day N7. What remains to be seen is how it will handle a return to the Milky Way galaxy after the divergent endings of The mass effect 3and the thought that BioWare could choose an ending as canon after making an entire series about player choice and agency keeps me up at night.

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