NFL: JAN 14 AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Chargers at Jaguars

The Jaguars’ win after leading 27-0 was the fifth-greatest comeback in the NFL

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The fifth biggest comeback in the NFL came Saturday night in Jacksonville, when the Jaguars fell 27-0 down in the first half to win 31-30 on a field goal when time expired.

Two of the NFL’s five greatest comebacks happened in the past month: The biggest comeback in NFL history came on Dec. 17, when the Colts took a 33-0 lead over the Vikings at the halftime, for the Vikings to win 39-36 in overtime.

Prior to this Vikings-Colts comeback, the greatest comeback in NFL history was 32 points, when the Houston Oilers won a 35-3 victory over the Bills in a playoff game on January 3, 1993, but the Bills came back to win 41-38 in overtime.

The NFL also saw two 28-point comebacks: In a playoff game on January 4, 2014, the Colts trailed the Chiefs 38-10 but the Colts came back and won 45-44. And in a regular season game on Dec. 7, 1980, Archie Manning and the Saints took a 35-7 halftime lead, but Joe Montana and the 49ers rallied to win 38-35.

Now, the Jaguars’ comeback takes its place alongside those other games among the great comebacks in NFL history.

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