The minimum specs for some PC games are out of control

The minimum specs for some PC games are out of control

Square Enix The prophesied one requires a lot of RAM
Image: Square Enix

For the past few years, the minimum amount of RAM you need to play the latest PC games has been somewhere around 8-16GB. Unless, that is, you’re talking about some really weird outliers, both of which are also PlayStation 5 games or coming out on PlayStation 5.

Last month I found this out Returna game released in April 2021 on PS5, coming to PC in 2023 with recommended specs “requiring 32GB of RAM”. 32GB! What the hell! While that was just recommended the amount—the minimum is still 16GB—certainly stood out not just for the amount required, but also for the fact that it didn’t seem like the kind of game that, let’s face it, needed that much compared to its peers. But coming from the PS5, most people just wrote it off as a consequence of game development being a weird, first console, and moved on with their lives.

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Now, however, Square Enix has published The prophesied one— a game also coming to PlayStation 5, but with a PC version coming alongside it at launch — does much the same thing. It has a minimum of 16GB of RAM (just to run at 720p! On a PC!), with 24GB recommended and 32GB required if you want to run the game at Ultra settings. Return being a port of a PS5 game was one thing, but The prophesied one it was developed with a PC version launching alongside the console edition, so it doesn’t have that excuse.

This is too much RAM! I bought a brand new gaming PC in 2020 and it came with 16GB of RAMwhich at the time was fine, maybe even slightly excessive, because games only required 8 GB (2022 Modern Warfare IIjust for the sake of comparison, requires 16GB to run at Ultra 4K). Having jumped to the point where certain PlayStation related games (and hardly any others!) ask for 16GB ca minimum it’s wild and I’m sorry Return and The prophesied onebut none of you are going to make me go out and buy new hardware just to play.

Sony has done a pretty good job lately of bringing their games to PC, with everything from skyline to God of War are doing well enough to make ports a fundamental part of PlayStation’s launch business going forward (The last of us, for example, comes in March). These were all games released on the PS4, although they came with relatively reasonable specs; if that’s the amount of RAM needed to bring PS5 games to PC (and I’m not saying definitively It isit’s just that this is now a model), then future Sony ports may not enjoy such smooth sailing.

While we’re on the subject The prophesied onea demo was released recently, and fan feedback has led to some changes to the game:

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