This app uses AI to generate custom playlists for Spotify and Apple Music

This app uses AI to generate custom playlists for Spotify and Apple Music

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If you’re tired of music streaming apps deciding what you should listen to, you can check out the power. playlists is an application that uses AI to help you easily create playlists, and is compatible with Spotify and Apple Music. Allows you to specify the type of music you are looking for and create custom music playlists for you. Here are some ways you can use PlaylistAI to expand your musical horizons.

Create playlists from music festival posters.

Large music festivals often announce their lineups with a large banner containing the names of all the participating bands. PlaylistAI can scan these posters, identify all the artists, and create awesome playlists for you. you just take a screenshot of a posters and upload it on PlaylistAI.

I I tried this with a poster for the Bottlerock music festival. The app identified all the bands on the bill and provided a choice. to remove the I it was not interested. Too Question you to choose the number of songs per band you would like in your playlist. With five songs per band, PlaylistAI created a playlist of over 300 songs, and I was able to enjoy the music of the festival without the cost and crowds.

Make playlists from TikTok videos

PlaylistAI also works with TikTok videos. There are a lot of creators who make compilations on TikTok, And if you have found a video that has multiple songs, you can save it to your photo gallery and import it into PlaylistAI.

The app can detect these songs and create a playlist for you. However, there is a catch: You must give PlaylistAI access to your microphone in order to detect thesongs Asks you to play these videos through your iPhone’s speaker and uses sound recognition to find the music. You will need to be in a quiet place during the sound recognition process because if the app can’t hear the songs clearly, it can’t create accurate playlists.

While the app advertises TikTok videos specificallyyou can use this feature with any video from your photo gallery. if a the video has multiple songs, the app can create a corresponding playlist.

Use custom search terms or listening history for playlists

PlaylistAI is also pretty good at using search terms to create playlists. You can mention any genre and a decade to find great playlists easily, or try a random message depending on your mood. For example: “years 70 metal” or “lo-fi music to study”. You have the option to remove artists you don’t like and search for more artists if the app’s selection doesn’t convince you.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can allow the app to access your listening history to create playlists as well. This feature is not available for Apple Music at this time.

PlaylistAI allows you to create up to three playlists for free, and it costs $2.99 ​​per month to unlock unlimited playlists and remove your watermark from playlist cover art.

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