Twitter for iPhone updated with new features that aren't exactly new

Twitter for iPhone updated with new features that aren’t exactly new

After confirming that developers can no longer create third-party Twitter clients, the social network’s official app received an update on Friday with new features. Actually, these features aren’t exactly new, but Twitter is bringing them back to their app.

Twitter brings back pinlists and full-length previews

Last week, an update to the Twitter iOS app brought back the Home tab, split into two timelines instead of just one. Now the latest update to the Twitter app for iPhone allows users to pin their favorites to the Home tab. As a result, these lists also appear as alternate timelines.

The new feature was This was announced by the owner of Twitter Elon Musk., who said the feature is expected to improve the Twitter experience. However, this feature was already added to the Twitter app for iOS back in 2019. Of course, as you can guess, Twitter ended up scrapping the idea and going back to the regular timeline as the new one wasn’t well received by users.

While the ability to create different timelines for specific topics is interesting, Twitter still uses the algorithm-based suggestion timeline by default instead of the chronological timeline.

Also with the previous Twitter update, the iOS app stopped showing full size image previews. Luckily, Twitter confirmed that this was just a bug, and today’s update brings back full-size media previews instead of cropping them to 16:9 aspect ratio. “Update your app to the latest iOS version so you can view and share media files without cropping.” the company said.

Third-party Twitter apps are now officially banned

Unfortunately, if you don’t like the changes made in the official update to the Twitter app, there’s not much you can do about it. The company announced this week that it has officially banned developers from using the social network’s API to build third-party clients that replace the Twitter app or website.

Due to the announcement, apps like Twitterrific and Tweetbot have been officially discontinued. The main reason could be the fact that these apps don’t show ads to users, so they hurt Twitter’s ad revenue.

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