Twitter has a lot of useless knowledge about video games

Twitter has a lot of useless knowledge about video games

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It’s right there in the Bible— ask and it shall be given to you. He’s also right there on gaming Twitter, where he posed for the little Super Pod Saga gaming podcast an innocent question on Jan. 15 and people showed up to answer en masse, “What’s the most useless video game knowledge you know?”

Apparently, there are a lot of people who think a lot of useless thoughts about video games. Who knew? In the week and a half since the post, Super Pod Saga received over ten thousand replies to their tweet. But a lot, I would say, is not necessarily useless, but essential.

take this answer about action-adventure series devil may cry, for example: “Dante and Vergil have a crazy healing factor that essentially heals as damage is done, so no wounds or scars. Because of this, they are probably uncircumcised.”

tell me honestly What was I supposed to do if I had never read this? You never know if Dante and Vergil are circumcised or not? To be forced to wander the Earth, forever alone in my confusion? Can you imagine that?

Or what do you say about this: “Into the Xenoblade 3, all characters in the game files are listed with a gender number. Zero is male, One is female; however, the character Juniper is listed as two. In addition, in Xenoblade 2, the gender of the Roc character is listed as four. Thus, there are at least five genera in Xenoblade.” I mean, it’s just inspirational.

Ah, the woman’s breeze! Dinosaurs!

my town Employees kept their own information about niche video games. I know this because I begged them to tell me in my quest for self-realization.

“The little one fire breathing dinosaur from Super Mario World it’s named after the Nine Inch Nails singer,” social media editor Jeb Biggart told me. “Seems pretty pointless.”

Yeah, great stuff. More, give me more.

“Into the Halo 2 level Quarantine, Flood [parasitic creatures] can be seen driving in Warthogs/tanks/etc. This is the only time in the series where they do that and it’s really weird,” said writer Zack Zwiezen.

“The music from the NES Back to the Future, a terribly disastrous one, a repetitive theme that doesn’t immediately sound like anything is actually a highly sped-up version of the film’s hit song, ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News,” said managing editor Carolyn Petit. “Maybe because they programmed the music, but then they found out they didn’t have the rights to the song, so they sped it up a lot. I don’t know the reason for that.”

Thank you all. My power is growing. My mind is expanding. My trivia senses are tingling.

Now, what’s your favorite piece of random video game knowledge? Leave him out, it’s for my health.

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