USC gets crushed by Arizona as 3-point shooting looms as a central factor for the Trojans

USC gets crushed by Arizona as 3-point shooting looms as a central factor for the Trojans

The USC Trojans don’t shoot 3-pointers well on most game nights. We know this, or at least, if you’ve been following us and following the Trojan basketball program in recent years, you should know.

So it wasn’t at all surprising that USC made just 4 of 17 3-pointers on Thursday night in Tucson against the Arizona Wildcats.

USC can never hope to win games with their 3-point shooting. What USC can much more reasonably expect is to get opponents off the 3-point line and prevent opponents from heating up behind the arc. USC has to minimize the 3 point damage of the opposing offenses. He couldn’t do it in Washington state on New Year’s Day, allowing the Cougars to hit 14 3-pointers in a loss to Wazzu.

When USC doesn’t defend the 3-point line, bad things happen.

Bad things happened in Tucson.

Arizona made 12 of 24 3-pointers against the Trojans. Courtney Ramey, the transfer from Texas, made 5 of 10 long balls. Pelle Larsson added two. Arizona’s guards, who haven’t been playing well for much of the season, played well Thursday. The Arizona guards scored 54 of the Wildcats’ 81 points (67 percent) and led the U of A to an easy 81-66 win over USC in a game that was never particularly close.

USC can’t win games when their defense is destroyed like this. The sad part is that USC actually forced 18 turnovers, but when Arizona didn’t turn the ball over, the ball went through the rim, especially from 3-point range. Arizona shot 48.3 percent, 50 from 3-point range. USC just can’t win with those defensive numbers.

The Trojans head to Tempe to take on Arizona State in a very important game on Saturday night.


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