V Describes How BTS Shows Support For Each Other's Solo Work, What Music And Happiness Means To Him, And More

V Describes How BTS Shows Support For Each Other’s Solo Work, What Music And Happiness Means To Him, And More

BTS’s V recently teamed up with Vogue Korea for a mystical photo shoot!

In the accompanying interview, V shared his thoughts on why the world needs music, saying, “I think music helps all of us breathe. I don’t think I would want to live if music was removed from my life. I think it is music that amplifies all emotions, including comfort, fun, and feeling of shock, in all patterns of my life, such as going to work, going to work, leaving work, and eating.”

In response to the interviewer’s comment that they had discovered a new song thanks to him, V commented, “I found out about Choi Baek Ho’s ‘End of the Sea’ through Park Hyo Shin, and I feel good that you discovered it later. through me I hope it has given you comfort.

The interviewer added that despite all the uncertainties in life, V reminds them of the famous phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On.” When asked if he is the type to maintain a calm composure in unpredictable situations, V replied, “Even if I look calm, I honestly am not. I just act like one.”

He explained, “Instead, I have come to learn to think clearly. Even if my thoughts are not the right answer, I act confident that those thoughts are the best I can do. It’s not that there’s no pressure, but I don’t regret my actions. If it’s because of the people I love, I think I have to behave myself. Even when I’m hurt or fighting, thanks to ARMY [BTS’s fan club]BTS, my family and my friends, I am healthy and happy.”

V is a well-known social butterfly with many famous friends, of whom he commented, “I’m the type who values ​​my relationships with others. I originally like people and I think that all artists, directors, writers and reporters are valuable. In the past, I got hurt and started to distance myself from people who only saw me as V or a connection, but I still like people. The people around me now are the precious people who have made me who I am today.”

A supposed difficulty of being a celebrity is the perceptions people project on you and V was asked if his identity was something he struggled with. He gave a short and sweet answer, saying, “V is another me and one of my many characters.”

In the past, V has detailed his fears about whether fans would continue to like him if they didn’t see him for longer periods of time. He shared his current thoughts on this, commenting, “Lately, it has gotten better because we have been promoting and holding concerts, but if there comes another period where I can’t see my fans, it will be difficult. I want to promote consistently, but there’s the physical aspect… It’s unfortunate that I don’t think I can meet fans as much as I feel determined. However, I am always working hard so that I can do my best when I have the opportunity to meet fans.”

Currently, BTS has focused on solo promotions. On how the members continue to offer each other support and strength while working separately, V explained, “We really support each other. Recently, the members went to Suga’s house to share the solo songs we made. Some danced and we all said: ‘It’s good, it’s good!’”. He added, “I don’t know if it’s because the members are preparing new music of their own color, but it’s great to see how passionately, actively, and diligently we’re making music and loving each other.”

In addition to a solo album in the works, V talked about what other fields have caught his interest, sharing, “Everything ARMY likes is what I like to begin with, so I want to try everything. There has been talk of a radio appearance, so I want to try radio.”

In the midst of BTS promotions, V talked about feeling a bit restricted as a member of a group. Reflecting on that, V commented, “I felt so grateful that ARMY perfectly understood how we felt. Thank you for supporting us so much. Thanks to you, I was able to lighten that load a bit.”

Previously, V described happiness as a carefree moment. When asked if he had experienced these moments, he shared, “Hm… I keep thinking those moments come and go. If life is only happiness, wouldn’t that be difficult too? Just like you want to eat something bitter or salty when something is just sweet, wouldn’t a life that comes and goes be good?

V’s full interview and photo shoot will appear in the upcoming October issue of Vogue Korea.

Check out V in “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” below!

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