Valheim's next big update takes the Vikings to the land of the dead

Valheim’s next big update takes the Vikings to the land of the dead

Valheim got off to a strong start, and the open-world Viking game has since expanded into a new biome called the Mistlands and added tons of base-building and customization elements with the Hearth & Home update. Now, developer Iron Gate Studio has announced the next big biome in development – ​​and it looks like players will be off to explore the Ashlands, land of the dead.

There is no release date for the new biome, and it will likely need a significant amount of time in the oven. In a blog post about the official Valheim on the website, Iron Gate explains that it intends to be more transparent with the creation of Ashlands. The developer shares concept art of the beasts that players might encounter in such a place, which will be a large piece of land in the southern part of the map.

While the Vikings will have to wait a while to explore the volcanic Ashlands, Valheim is set to receive further game updates in the near future. The game is headed to Xbox in early 2023, along with cross-play to connect console and PC players. The developer is also experimenting with difficulty settings, for those who want their afterlife adventure to be a little more punishing.

There’s also an update called Hildir’s Quest in the works, which seems to be focused on clothing. I will always get the opportunity to dress up as dolls, and it looks like Hildir is a character that will help the Vikings with their style. Not only will there be more clothes, but Iron Gate is also creating a way to rearrange hair. Iron Gate is also working on accessibility options for future updates, though the developer is still seeking feedback from players with disabilities.

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