Venture Firms' $290 Billion 'Dry Powder' Poised to Revival Startup Funding: The Insights

Venture Firms’ $290 Billion ‘Dry Powder’ Poised to Revival Startup Funding: The Insights

Startup founders should expect a tidal wave of venture capital interest next year as a record level of dry dust pressures venture capital funds to pick up their pace of investment, according to a new analysis of these stocks. of cash.

US venture capital investors have $290 billion, including $162 billion set aside specifically for new investments, according to Jon Sakoda, founder of early-stage venture firm Decibel Partners, who analyzed nearly a decade of investment activity and venture fundraising. That means venture capital firms should return to or even exceed last year’s blockbuster investment activity next year.

“Fundraising has been so substantial even though things seem to be slower,” Sakoda said. “At some point the floodgates will open.”

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