VIDEO: Kansas State Coordinators preview Tulane

VIDEO: Kansas State Coordinators preview Tulane

“As tough as it was last week, you know, obviously whatever we had to do to win the ballgame and play well, I think the second half provided us with some dynamics with the weather. Third quarter: I get on the phone with Adrian [Martinez] and he says ‘coach, the ball has never been so heavy’. He was full of water. You know, obviously our guys fought through it. There hasn’t been a choice one way or the other that says ‘hey, this week we have to do this or not, or whatever. It’s just kind of the flow of the game, and how it’s been. We are ready and excited to release it when we need it, and that part of the game.”

Have you learned much from the Tulane games?

“Two difficult games to watch in terms of film studio. They could have been pretty vanilla and stuff, but the coach [Willie] Fritz and all his staff do a very good job. They’re well trained, they’re fundamental, and then they’re going to do what they do, and it’s done for a while. It will be a good test for us.”

How much of this is just experimenting with these early games and trying out different moving parts?

“We love working with our guys and we have a lot of smart soccer players. They’re allowing us to do and put some people in different places in different staff groups. You know they can put pressure on people and Ben is one of those guys, and being able to move multiple guys around is one of our strengths.”

Talk a little bit about the weather against Missouri, but that first drive didn’t rain, and Adrian threw for more yards than he did against South Dakota. Is this what you anticipate the game against Tulane will look like?

“We can shoot the ball, we’ve got great receivers, we’ve got a good quarterback — I’m really pleased with his decision-making and he’s definitely processing the game at a really high rate and protecting us on certain runs, protecting some passes. he’s pulled out due to some pressure looks he’s seen, and he’s taking the game as it comes. It’s not something I want to force, but I think it will be a more natural flow, hopefully, as we go forward.”

Did they pull a trick on Kade there? Double screen before the ball, with the anticipation that the security at the back might not be as disciplined as they actually show…?

“He did a good job. She caught us and Kade saved me on it. You know, I owe him lunch, so…”

Was it pretty disappointing that you couldn’t dismiss the game from the device if it had worked?

“We had a decent search on the tape, and the back corner didn’t go as much as we thought, and in a close-range situation in the red zone, we got it. It all came together for us, knowing when we wanted to do it and where we wanted to do it. You know, Kade studies it quite often and she knew exactly who we needed to influence and give credit to – she covered for it and she still got us a first down, so don’t worry about it.”

Coach, Adrian comes to K-State with a rough history of turnovers: interceptions, fumbles. How did you go about trying to knock those things off their game since the spring?

“First of all, and as some of you know, we talk and I tell all my guys, you can’t play quarterback afraid of making a mistake. Thinking ‘hey, I can’t turn this around’, you play tense, you question yourself, then you see ghosts sometimes and all that stuff. You have to take the game as it comes, you have to schematically understand what we’re trying to accomplish based on the defensive look they end up giving us, and you don’t feel like we have to do anything. You never have to throw. Take it as it comes, react and pull the trigger, and he’s done a great job of that. We just have to keep moving forward and keep improving. You know, I think offensively, he’s made a lot of big plays for us, and sometimes we’ve left some plays, but there’s a lot ahead of this group and just working to get better is something that excites me. .”

Can you explain what areas you’ve really grown into that kind of turnover prevention space in your game since coming to Kansas State?

“I think he has been patient. He has been phenomenal to me in that way. He’s up here watching tapes all the time, so he prepares really hard, he understands the look that we’re going to have sixty percent of the time, thirty percent of the time, and then the curve that you don’t know if you’re going to see or not, and that categorizes it and understands it. He is doing a great job.”

Will Howard is in a unique situation where he’s not necessarily the backup every week, even though he’s listed as a backup. How does he prepare for each game knowing that it might not be necessary unless something strange happens?

“Will is an incredible young man through and through, and he is completely selfless. It’s always the team first with him, it has been since he’s been here. He is extremely hardworking, extremely cerebral; one of the smartest kids I’ve ever been with and trained safely, in any position. I think he understands it. I think he understands that we are also trying to do what is best for him. I know it’s hard, but he does a great job of coming to work every day and it hasn’t changed his focus at all.”

You go back and watch that Missouri game, Coach Klieman talked about how hard it was to rotate guys because of the rain and them standing on the sidelines, and how cold it was. Is this something they were talking about during the game or did it just happen like that?

“You know, it’s something that in any game, especially if you have a long period of time, whether it’s a long drive on one side and then a special team score or something like that, it creates a longer timeout in the middle, trying to of making sure you stay dry, loose, taking snaps or whatever, to be ready to go. Because as a player and even now as a coach as a part, you know, that’s a little bit out of your control, right? ‘Hey, when we’re in the field, we have to go.’ We have to be sharp, you’re ready and however and whenever that happens, you just have to not think about anything else and focus on what you can control.

You mentioned that Adrián Martínez’s patience has been an advantage. How hard is it for you to be patient when you feel a little… a little bit tied down, probably a little bit, by conditions and things like that?

“I think for all of us, for me and for them, it’s about fulfilling the mission. We’ve been lucky enough to play well enough to do it the first two weeks. My message to them and to us as an offense, my position group is the quarterback saying, ‘hey, we’ve got to be the best we can and take what we’re given and that’s been our focus. It’s about us, it’s about getting better and I know we have a lot more in us in a lot of areas and that’s the exciting part. Our guys embraced it and I’m not too anxious one way or the other… just again, I’m enjoying that process of getting better, learning, getting better at every position, it’s been a lot of fun.”

What can you say about what Deuce has been able to do in the first two games?

“Two [Vaughn] it’s Deuces. I’m not surprised. Not one bit. I mean, it’s top notch and in all areas. You see his notebook for the week of him watching the tape on his own, and I mean, it’s almost a novel. He is special. Totally, you know, selfless, too. I mean, you look at him and he’s thrown two touchdowns just because of his block, and that’s what he’s called to do on that play. It’s an honor to coach him, it’s an honor that he’s on our team and he’s a wildcat.”

How much does it make his playmaking, play-calling skills easier given Adrian’s fifth-year status, and his play-faking skills?

“He just tries to push people in as many ways as we can, and that’s obviously with 22 (Vaughn). It’s with the game action pass and then obviously Adrian’s running ability as well, and always trying to find the best combination of the three and what gives us the best opportunity with the lowest percentage of risk, and execute, and play fair and remove self-inflicted wounds.”

You never got to wear any special uniforms with Coach Snyder. Would you like them to go this week?

“Of course it would have been great, but at the same time we have a mission and a lot to do on the pitch and that’s what matters.”

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