Video Of African Boys Dancing To Selena Gomez And Rema

Video of African boys dancing to the rhythm of ‘Calm Down’ by Selena Gomez and Rema takes the Internet by storm

The video was shared on Instagram by Masaka Kids Africana

The catchy song of Nigerian rapper and singer Rema and Selena Gomez ‘Take it easy’ it was one of the biggest hits of 2022 and continues to trend on the music charts. If you are active on Instagram, you must have noticed that this song is used as background music for various reels and videos. Now, a video of three guys showing off their impressive dance to the song has surfaced on Instagram and the internet is loving it.

The video was shared on Instagram by Masaka Kids Africana. In the clip, three little African children can be seen dancing to the lively song with synchronized movements and charming expressions. Throughout the dance, the children were seen smiling and having fun. What is more surprising is that the children in the background also knew all the steps and were seen dancing happily to the song.

Watch the video here:

Instagram users were extremely impressed with the fun dance routine and appreciated the children for their incredible talent. The comment section was full of heart emojis, with people pouring love on the video. Many said it was the best thing they saw that day, while others said they watched the video on loop.

One user wrote: “People in the background know the steps too!” Another commented: “It’s so much fun to watch these kids, but those smiles on their faces say it all.” A third said: “I could watch this 100 times!” Another wrote: “I love love love watching them dance and seeing their beautiful smiles! What a perfect way to start the day.”

A few weeks ago, a brother duo gave the song a Desi twist performing ‘Take it easy’ on a table. Musicians Nihal Singh and Shobhit Banwait covered the song on a tabletop and won the internet for their classic cover of a pop song.

Nigerian singer Rema ‘Take it easy’ is a song from their debut studio album Rave & Roses (2022). It was released as the second single from the album on February 11, 2022 by Jonzing World and Mavin.

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