Walgreens removes online purchase limits on children's fever medicines

Walgreens removes online purchase limits on children’s fever medicines


After weeks of high demand that extended supply, Walgreens removed its online purchase limits on children’s pain and fever medications Monday morning, spokeswoman Zoe Krey told CNN.

Walgreens only had limits on drugs purchased online. He had no limits on the purchase of medicines in stores.

“So currently, we have no purchase limits either in store or online,” Krey said.

The change comes after high demand for children’s pain and fever medications prompted some stores, including CVS and Rite Aid, to limit purchases. A brutal season of respiratory viruses pushed sales of children’s medicines to treat pain and fever up 65% over the previous year.

CVS told CNN on Monday that there is currently a two-product limit on all children’s pain relief products in its stores and online. A spokesperson for the chain said the limits were in place “to ensure equitable access for all of our customers,” and said CVS was working with its suppliers to ensure continued access to the items.

CNN has also reached out to Rite Aid for comment.

Last month, the Consumer Health Care Products Association, which represents manufacturers of over-the-counter drugs, said manufacturers were working 24/7 to supply more drugs. to stores, but there was no timetable for when supply could catch up with demand.

Since then, flu and RSV activity has peaked in the US, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Covid-19 cases continue to rise .

Still, flu and other respiratory virus activity remains “high” or “very high” in about half the states, according to CDC data updated Friday, and the US continues to grapple with multiple respiratory viruses. that circulate at high levels.

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