What's next for the entrepreneur behind Layoffs.FYI • TechCrunch

What’s next for the entrepreneur behind Layoffs.FYI • TechCrunch

Hello and welcome back to Equitya podcast on the business of startups, where we break down the numbers and the nuances behind the headlines.

This is our Wednesday show, where we focus on one person, think about their work, and analyze the rest. This week, Natasha interviewed roger lee, an entrepreneur who spent the better part of a decade building tools for employees and employers alike. Lee is the creator of Layoffs.FYI and co-founder of Comprehensive and Human Interest.

This is what we got ourselves into:

  • Roger’s introduction to entrepreneurship during the dot-com bubble
  • How the pandemic destigmatized layoffs
  • How Integral, described as the opposite of Layoffs.FYI, is helping employees level up
  • The importance of crowdsourcing andor monetize, or not monetize…transparency
  • We ended, as usual, with a blitz round and learned where Lee’s career is. might would have gone if he didn’t take the founder’s path (hint: he’s not VC)

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