Why Andrew Tate and the Nastiest Men on the Internet Keep Mentioning 'The Matrix'

Why Andrew Tate and the Nastiest Men on the Internet Keep Mentioning ‘The Matrix’

The first thing Andrew Tate did after his arrest on human smuggling charges in Romania was complain about “The Matrix,” a shadowy power structure bent on bringing him down for, well, some unspoken reason.

He, of course, is not the first to use this term: it’s an emerging meme in right-wing spaces online, he says. fever dreams host Will Sommer in this week’s episode. Even Logan Paul, the YouTube troublemaker and aspiring boxing star, has dismissed the theory to dismiss critics after a particularly bad week of PR that began with the discovery of an abandoned pig he apparently once owned.

The point of “The Matrix” is to nod to a global conspiracy, much like the QAnon “cabal”, but specifically interested in thwarting the spread of “traditional” masculinity (which is often expressed by the likes of Tate through the media). absolute misogyny).

“It’s kind of a more Trumpian version of what he calls the ‘deep state,’” Sommer says. “I think ultimately this is being embraced by guys who don’t have direct political valence, they’re just horrible in general… In the case of Andrew Tate, I think has invent a new villain because otherwise it doesn’t make sense.”

Also in the episode, Sommer and co-host Kelly Weill investigate the origins of a new front in the culture war: gas stoves.

A study showing that fumes from gas stoves are potentially harmful to the health of residents was misrepresented by Republicans and right-wing media into an impending door-to-door seizure of kitchen equipment, an incredibly unlikely scenario. says Weill.

“No, none of this is really going to happen, and both sides know it, but it acts as a placeholder drama in the news cycle doldrums until something better comes along.”

Then, in the “Fresh Hell” segment of the podcast, the hosts discuss the “sovereign citizen” movement and its recent turn toward mysticism, including the mysterious red fingerprints adherents are including on legal documents.

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