Why Deuce Vaughn dealt with cramps in front of Tulane

Why Deuce Vaughn dealt with cramps in front of Tulane

Deuce Vaughn was at the locker in the process of being stabbed in the left arm with a needle four or five different times with the radio on giving the play-by-play of what ultimately turned into an upset 17-10 win for Tulane over Kansas. State (2-1) on Saturday.

The Wildcats All-American running back began to feel his legs “lock up” after a 26-yard run early in the third quarter in the Wildcats’ game against Tulane last week. Then, later in the game, after running eight yards on a fast break play, Vaughn’s calves “shrank” with cramps, and the only way to relieve the uncomfortable muscle spasms was to place an IV inside the locker. room.

“It’s super frustrating from the point of view that he wasn’t available,” Vaughn said. “That’s the most important thing about being a running back, being on this team is being available and I felt like I let my team down at that point.”

Vaughn’s absence for much of the third quarter surely didn’t help the Wildcats avoid the upset against Tulane in Week 3, but Vaughn’s being unavailable for much of the third quarter against Green Wave also contributed to the streak. Vaughn’s eight straight games with at least 100 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown come to an end, two games short of the Darren Sproles program record of 10 games.

“They told me, ‘To make you feel better, we’re going to have to put you on an IV,’” Vaughn said Tuesday. “So, we ran inside and did some trial and error and stuff like that on my left arm, veins moving and all that. we have a whole [IV] and as soon as we found out we were back on the offensive, he retired and we went back on the field.”

Through three games this season, Vaughn has rushed for 352 yards and three touchdowns while averaging more than 5.5 yards per carry. He has also been involved in the passing game with three receptions for 36 this season.

The third-year running back from Kansas State said he was “struggling” with other medical things in the week leading up to the game against Tulane, which required new medications and required Vaughn to increase his fluid intake.

Entering this week, Vaughn stated that he would be “more proactive” in his awareness of his fluids when the Wildcats begin the Big 12 Conference Play at No. 6 Oklahoma (3-0).

Saturday’s weather conditions in Norman call for a high temperature of over 95 degrees, but with a 7:00 pm kick-off, the scorching sun shouldn’t be as much of a factor in the conditions that players on each team must struggle.

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